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I won’t be able to separate these things – I won’t ever be able to go back without you.  If you stay, I think I’ll be able to give my very best…just stay and keep my hand in yours – I won’t be able to chase the most haunting memories if you’re not there with me, not right there – just watching me rest.  And when I’m sleeping – it is really the closest then – but it is you who makes me feel alive.  I would tell you down to the second – but now I can’t remember when.
But you make my heart beat and you win the race – take every last breath away – lift me up and kiss my face.  I’ll keep it all together, but I can’t always stop the tears for you – fill me up and feel the rain and understand that what I tell you is nothing but the truth.  I never meant to overwhelm you, it’s so hard to hold all of this back -
Don’t let it scare you…I have to save all of these little dreams from a much bigger attack.
October 28th, 2009