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I could tell you why I’m empty, and when I’m feeling full- the distance overlaps here though, brings back the bitter taste, the final push and pull. Skating on thin ice because there’s fire underneath, still smiling when I’m with you though- you’re still inside the space I can reach.

You read me like a book most days, always pleading when you know something is wrong, but this time I can’t place the emptiness…no matter what, it won’t take long. Isn’t that right? Isn’t that what they think? Please just pick me up again, I can’t start sinking today…please set me on my feet.

You’re just as full now, as you were when this started…I told you day one that I was still so broken-hearted. Standing in the parking lot, the air was cooling across my face- Standing right in front of you, my secret sacred place.

And I’m filling up the empty space, though I’m not sure you can really tell.

Smiling in the summertime. This is why I fell.