My Fabric

You can always tear away part of the fabric right at the seam–I can show you how.  I can help you fill up the void and stitch things back together too…

There is so much more that I am capable of finishing up for you–but that’s not really what I want.  I know what you’re looking for–I know what you need.  I fully understand what this is bound to grow into…

change is coming, it happens every day.  And it’s not that I don’t like it, but are you honestly going to look right at me and tell me not to hold on to just one small piece of any and everything that I love?  Will you insist on telling me that I shouldn’t keep any of it–any trace of the breeze, any scent of a torn shirt that passes by me?

I’ve been cultivating my memories…how do you think I ended up this way?

Ending up is fine with me,

Everything I am is a benefit to you.

Find one whole love ‘Under the Bridge’…

or not.  Either way–

I’m the one.






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